As pioneers and innovators in international asset protection, tax planning and offshore asset management, Blue Topaz is constantly on the lookout for new legal instruments and investment opportunities. Our 'Passion to Perform', breadth of experience and intellectual capital enable us to provide clients with innovative and holistic financial solutions designed to generate and deliver the very best results.


Our offer

We offer a range of high quality investment products with access to the international money, bond, equity and property markets.

Our International Wealth Managers recommend investment products that we judge to be the best available from the whole marketplace, tailored to your individual needs in a form of bearer bonds issued by one of our special purpose companies. In comparison with "onshore" private banking, our bearer bonds offer greater privacy, no taxation and protection against political or financial instability in your homeland.

In addition to the traditional financial services, Blue Topaz is continuing to evolve its product portfolio to include new financial products, like back to back loans, as a "non-SWIFT" way of transfering funds.

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Our products

Bearer investment bonds
Bearer bonds are easily transferable, easily negotiable and anonymous, and in certain circumstances, they have distinct advantages over other forms of currency, such as cash.

Back-to-back loans as a "non-SWIFT" way of transfering funds
In September 2006, the Belgian goverment declared that the SWIFT dealings with U.S. government authorities were, in fact, a breach of Belgian and European privacy laws. Additionally, it is supposed that the U.S. government has submitted "useful" data to U.S. companies (manufacturer - customer relations, prices, etc.).

Polish Law Foundations as a tax free wealth transfer route to tax havens
Properly structured Polish Law foundation might offer you some of benefits arising from establishing an offshore foundation combined with a very low profile unachievable for offshore structures. In contrast with most of foundations, PLF can directly conduct business activities and it is possible manage income of a PLF in such a way that it will be effectively tax free. Not only PLF is an extremely rare case when one can form an "onshore" entity which can conduct business in a tax free manner, but also proper contractual arrangements between your PLF and an offshore trust and a foundation can assure you that all the income earned by the Polish foundation shall be transferred to the said entity without incurring any tax obligations. Thus, it is possible to set up a Polish Law foundation as a controlling entity of a holding, a beneficial owner of your business ventures and as a tax free wealth transfer route to a de iure unrelated offshore entity.


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